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Fully Revised Second Edition. 28pp. Integral wraps. 29.5 x 20cms. Many illustrations. ISBN 1874110158 'It is nearly 50 years since the death of John Logie Baird, the Father of Television. In 1926 he was the first person anywhere in the world to demonstrate true television pictures as distinct from shadowgraphs having no detail. His other firsts make an impressive list. Video recording (1927), Transatlantic television (1928), the Derby televised (1931-32), the transmission of high definition colour pictures (1937), stereoscopic television in colour (1941) and the multi-gun colour television tube (1944), the forerunner of the type used in most homes today...John Baird's outstanding work on colour television has received scant recognition, possibly because the major achievements took place during the war years when newspapers had more important things to report. Also, the authors of books on early television tend to use the outbreak of war as a convenient point at which to terminate their accounts.'

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  • Publisher: PW Publications, London
  • Publish Date: 1997
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