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TV Times

We carry a relatively modest stock of TV Times, and all are used copies.

1955, September 22 - TV Times was launched for the opening of ITV, which was run by various regional ITV companies, each producing their own TV Times with regional listings for ITV.

1991 - With the deregulation of television listings, TV Times began including listings for C4, BBC1 and BBC2.

Radio Times

We carry a huge stock of original back issues, many of which are unused. 

1923, September 28 - Radio Times was launched and, for almost seventy years, carried programme listings for BBC only.

1991, February 23, (Issue 3505) With the deregulation of television listings, Radio Times began offering a comprehensive programme guide.
From Friday March 1st - “With full details of ITV, Channel 4 and Satellite - And still your best guide to BBC”.

2001 - Kelly Publications produced THE RADIO TIMES STORY by Tony Currie.

See bottom bar for detail on TV Listings 1939-52 and BBC2 Listings 1964-66

Other Magazines

Comprising a random selection of publications - some related to Radio or Television - others not.


The majority of our books are used or antiquarian, and mainly relating to radio and television (Programmes & Personalities / History / Technical).

New books include our own publications by various authors (Kelly Publications 1999 - 2008).

eBooks have links to take you to Amazon.

We also carry a small selection of general books, some of which are antiquarian.

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